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Forgiveness Coaching

What is Forgiveness Training? “Becoming Whole through the Steps of Forgiveness” training is a specific process designed to heal your anger, hurt and anxiety.   It has a beginning and an end.  It is not anger management or therapy.  We do not “manage your reactions.”  You will not be diagnosed or treated for mental illness.   After the completion of the process, you will not continue weekly sessions to improve your circumstances.  If you believe continuation is desired, you would then seek a therapist.

Becoming Whole through the Steps of Forgiveness is an individual process in which you meet with Forgiveness Practitioner Diane Sherwood one on one over 15 sessions.  We dig deep into your story and teach you how to rewrite that story which changes your whole life.  You will experience a phenomenal transformation in how you approach every aspect of your life.

Think of Forgiveness Training like taking your car to a radiator shop before you have to replace your whole car.  Once your radiator blows, your whole vehicle may be in jeopardy.

Is Forgiveness Training right for you?

  • Do you know you’re angry, know who you’re angry at, don’t know how to move past it and really want to? Potentially you are angry with your parents, siblings, children, spouse, ex-spouse, spouse’s ex-spouse, even co-workers.  These are common objects of our anger.  The list, however, can include anyone, living or deceased, who angers or upsets you.  The other person does not participate nor do they need to participate for you to succeed.  You will not have to interact with them in this process
  • Do you smoke, drink in excess, use or abuse drugs, overeat, over-sex, have chronic pain?  These are signs of suppressed anger.
  • Have you been diagnosed with depression or anxiety?  Try this process to relieve those symptoms.
  • Are  you tired of being picked on and mistreated by others?  Do you feel you are never quite good enough? Do people judge you all the time?  That’s part of what we work on.
  • Do you want to save your marriage?  My colleague in Amsterdam uses forgiveness training to save marriages.  Try this instead of marriage therapy.

This Forgiveness technique, in its simplest description, is about giving you skills to respond differently to the people who plague you.  It positively changes the interactions you have with them and permanently improves your life. But it is so much more.  It is about near miraculous healing that leaves you better than you can imagine.  It takes several weeks (not years) to complete the process, during which you explore the events and emotions that have kept you trapped in anger, despair and misery and process through them to freedom, peace and joy.

Are you curious?  Call us for the next date of our free introductory session, where you will get a  taste of the process and answer your questions.

Are you interested?  Sign up for the next group class called “Breaking Free, a Journey into Forgiveness.”  The class is a two day intensive workshop.

Are you ready?  Sign up for “Becoming Whole through Forgiveness.”  Individual sessions are 10-15 weekly sessions which last 60 to 90 minutes each where you delve deep into yourself for true and lasting peace. This is not covered by insurance (because it is not therapy).  These are scheduled at a time that works for you and the Forgiveness Practitioner.


The person with whom you are angry does not have to participate for you to achieve the peace and freedom of forgiveness


This is not a religious process, but can be incorporated into your religion, any religion, if desired, to bring you closer to your Creator


You will learn skills to take with you for a lifetime of forgiveness

Ready to embrace peace and forgiveness? Connect with Diane today